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About Us

Keeping your bike in mint condition can be difficult, especially with the British weather, so we thought we'd give you a hand! We have a number of vans attending different locations all over London (for now), ready to give your two-wheeled friend a quick wash, dry and polish. Also, we use as little water as possible to do our part in keeping this planet greener for longer. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to check where we'll be and pay us a visit.'

How it Works

Register With Us

Register for an account online - it's quick and easy.

This way you can earn loyalty points, get exclusive Wash My Bike offers and you'll have a custom profile built around you and your two-wheeled friend!

Choose Your Time Slot

Book a time and location that's convenient for you in advance to avoid queues.

This can be super useful if you have that morning meeting, an important working lunch or evening plans. We're here so you can make sure your bike stays squeaky clean whilst being on top of all the important things in your life.

Choose Your Wash

We have three bike washes to choose from. Once you've confirmed your booking, we'll send you an email and text with all the details. We'll also throw in a free air-freshener for your bike!

In A Rush?

No booking? No problem! Just drop by one of our vans and you can register with us in person for a bike wash. We promise this will only take a few minutes and you'll be all set to get your bike cleaned. Oh, and we'll even send you a text when it's ready to collect if you're rushed for time.

Your Ride Washed, Dried And Oiled Up

We use the most advanced technology to carefully wash your bike - using the smallest amount of water and in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why Choose Us

We service multiple locations in London and are growing quickly. You can follow our vans in real time on our website, Facebook and Instagram. If we haven't reached you yet, get in touch to let us know where we should consider next!

We offer three specific washes to satisfy every rider's needs whether you're looking for a light wash or the full monty.

We use state of the art technology to use as little water as possible to help keep our planet a little greener for longer.

Meet Our Bike Gurus

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We Value Loyalty

By registering, you can earn loyalty points and unlock an endless world of freebies ranging from complimentary bike washes, cycling discounts and even tickets to cycling events!

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